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Hey, all fans of multiplayer shooters, are you looking for something fresh and exciting? Well, we have a great variant for you. This is Valorant, a fresh shooting title with bright characters, cool weapons, and incredible detailed locations. The game welcomes you to base on the initial skills of your chosen character and develop your own unique style on the incredibly competitive fighting field. There are two teams that include five players each – one is going to attack and the second – to defend themselves and their bases. The total amount of matches is thirteen and if you team manages to win the most of them or even all of them, you will become sure winners. Go for it!
Each character has only one life per round, which means that you must be very careful – avoid bullets and try not to get killed by your opponent in the close knife battle. To win, you will have to apply all of your tactical skills and be sharp – watch around carefully and be ready to shoot all the time. Think and act faster than any of your rivals, since this is the only way to survive and therefore – win the game. There are different modes here, so you can train and try yourself in various fighting formats. The in-game modes include Unraked, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch. All of them are survival games, while in the Spike Rush you are required to install or deactivate the bomb, considering your role in the match (defending or attacking).
While the game has numerous weapons to offer, like guns and sniper rifles, the main power is your creativity. The guns and bullets become efficient only when you know how to apply them rightly in the battle and find the right combinations of moves to shine on the battlefield and get rid of all the rivals out there. The agents (this is how the local characters are called) are all different – they possess various skills and special abilities, but the freedom of action and development doesn’t stop here. The main trick is the way you apply those skills – each player may develop and learn his/her own style. There are no similar agents – each of them is completely unique.
The other great thing about Valorant is the environments. All of them are original and not that ordinary. The areas where the battles happen cannot be called just maps, where you have to run around and hide from your enemies. They are interactive playgrounds with numerous active elements and items. This means that the location can become your helpful tool and weapon against the enemy, as well. Again, everything depends on the speed and creativity of your thinking. Build strategies for your team, decide the actions each of you should perform in order to reach the best results, and enjoy spectacular moments. Make your strategies so amazing that all the next players will want to play like you do! Become a legend!

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