Valorant Update

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Cannot get enough of your favorite tactical shooter Valorant? We understand you! That is why, we have prepared something real special – the update. This is an improved and polished version of the game – the developers worked really hard to make it much better, add new features, characters, skins, weapons, and maps. Fresh and hot – just grab them now! The recent changes made the game significantly better and more engaging regarding the content as well as gameplay smoothness.
The matchmaking also has improvements – now your current experience influenced the choice of rivals, which allows players of different ranks find each other. If you still have a low rank, there is no risk that you will have to stand against super-advanced rivals and therefore – have no chance to win. Also, the highest levels have a chance to compete with the opponents that are similar to them and as such – improve their current skills, learn new strategies, and train. Playing against the opponents that are equal or a bit higher than you is never frustrating and gives you the room to grow. Also, this update includes communications opportunities that allow your team members talk in the real time during the match. Using this advanced feature, you may coordinate your actions and work on your strategies in real time to make your moves better and even more efficient.
As for the new agents, well, you will also meet some of them here. As always, you will have an initial collection at the very beginning, choose the one you like the most, and then rush to the battle. Each of your victories makes you closer to a more advanced game with new amazing character that have incredible skills. Develop and make your Valorant experience even more engaging.

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