Valorant Mobile

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Good news, everyone! One of the best multiplayer shooting games comes mobile. Yes, we are talking about a marvelous Valorant, a real masterpiece for everyone who values interesting characters with unusual skill development opportunities, smooth gameplay, and super-competitive environment. The game will definitely suit everyone who like Counter Strike and other similar shooters where you need to cooperate in a team of brave and loyal friends fighting against tricky and smart rivals. The game starts, so get in right now! Choose your favorite mode – there are four of them in this game – load the guns, and prepare for the hottest armed opposition in your life. The real achievements and strong team bonds are waiting!
The mobile version of Valorant is something we all have been waiting for. You will be excited to know that it is no different than the desktop one – the developers did a really great job adapting the thrilling gameplay to a small screen. Smooth and easy-to-control, the game is a real gift for all fans. As in the original title, you and four of your buddies will make a squad of mighty enemies that have to defend themselves or attack the team of five opponents. Depending on the battle role you receive, the actions and strategies will be not the same. As you have already guessed, the attackers will have to run on the base of the enemies and try to ruin it as well as to kill all the enemies. The defenders need to stop the first team making traps and trying to shoot them before they win the round. In general, the game includes thirteen rounds and the roles of the teams will change in that course.
Valorant mobile provides you with a nice arsenal of weapons, like guns, machine guns, slot machines, and more. Also, you can try yourself in the face-to-face knife battle when your enemy is too close and you don’t want to make too much noise and attract attention of the rest. Whether you choose the mod of Deathmatch where all participants run around the map and shoot or another format, like settling the bomb – we guarantee that you will have fun! Call your buddies and get ready to develop the best strategy to win all trophies and become an example for the newcomers. The well-thought tactics and strategy for each of the team members as well as the collective one that decides your united actions will help you prove your superiority over the enemies and win the main cup after surviving in all struggles. Make everyone envy your success!

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