Valorant 3

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The time has come to get back to the battlefield, soldiers! This is Valorant 3, an engaging and pretty tough tactical multiplayer where you and your comrades will stand against the mighty rivals. Do your best to win all 13 matches against your opponents, get all the prizes, and enrich the game content. In the third part, you will have a chance to check new amazing characters as well as the improved versions of those you already know. The sets of their skills is now wider! The new weapons, areas to discover, interactive features, and communicational means are also included, so a brand new Valorant universe is waiting for you here. Have fun!
In this title, you start with the initial pack of classical characters, which are new for everyone who used to play before. Take a look at their skills and choose the one you would like to play for. The next step is the beginning of the battle where you and 4 of your buddies will unite and rush to the battle. The task is to invent a strategy and make your way forward thinking about every step you make. Remember that Valorant 3 is all about tactics and thoughtfulness – only those players, who have a nice plan, will win. Outplay all of your enemies and show your superiority, open up new abilities, meet new characters, and expand your opportunities as you play. The victories will bring you fame – you and other players will see your names on the leaderboard which is significantly improved in the third part of the series. Happy shooting!

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