Valorant 2021

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In Valorant 2021, every fan of the shooting genre will apply his/her skills in the best manner! This free game encourages all of you to become agents – the real warriors ready to fight till the last breath. Become one of them! As a part of a team, you will enter the battlefield and do your best to win 13 matches – deathmatches. Grab the weapons, move forward, and develop the best fighting strategies to dominate your enemies on the battlefield. If you and your comrades will manage to win the most of the battles – congratulations, you will become winners of this incredible war of agents.
Who are the agents? They are ultimate soldiers able to move fast, be silent, and kill enemies faster than lightning. When they gather in teams, they can delegate the tasks regarding the best skills of the warriors. This delegation is called “strategy” and you will definitely need a well-thought one to win all the battles against your nasty rivals. The will decide in which of the matches you are going to be defenders of your base and also – in which battles your role is attacking. Don’t you think that being a defender means playing a passive role. In the reality, defending means trying to beat your rivals faster than they implement their plan in life or prevent them to finish what they want to. For example, they might be moving right to your base with an exploding mechanism called Spike. This means that they want to blow your base up and see it flying into the air. If you are not very inspired by an idea like this, make sure to stop them before they move too close to your place. You may kill them when they are on their way or interfere in the process of bomb installation – it doesn’t really matter. However, the faster you do everything you can to prevent the explosion, the more chances you will have to win and survive.
The great thing is that not only weapons will help in the battle. Also, Valorant can boast of impressive environments that are more than just areas. They are not spots on the map or decorations, but highly-interactive places. Think creatively and try to use the offered conditions in order to implement strategic moves and interesting battle ideas. The game encourages you to avoid simple elimination of your enemies (even though this is your main aim), but to do that in an original and unusual way. Use numerous features and elements around you to make the game even more exciting for all players in your team, as well as for your rivals! Have an exciting game!

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